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Four Key Health benefits of horny goat weed

Horny goat weed, otherwise called yin yang huo or Epimedium or yin yang huo, is a centuries-old Chinese herb famous for its ability to treat or manage a variety of illnesses. Its rather funny name is said to be related to old Chinese stories about the sexual powers of male goats who consumed this specific herb as a staple in their diet. Taking their cue, men and women in China have also consumed this herb regularly as a way to improve their sexual performance.

Below are four particular health benefits that await those who consume horny goat weed:

Improved Health for Males

One of the key benefits of horny goat weed health uses of horny goat weed is treating erectile dysfunction. It is said that this herb can help pump up blood flow all over the body, including the genitals. Heres how it works: Male sexual health is also enhanced by horny goat weed through increased testosterone levels. But note that low testosterone is not strictly a sexual condition but also one that makes a considerable impact on total health, especially in relation to the benefits of horny goat weed, including increased muscle mass and energy levels.

Improved Health for Females

Abundant in horny goat weed are phytoestrogens, which are the human counterpart of hormonal estrogen that exists in plants. The said substances are linked to lower rates of hormone-related cancers, including breast cancer, and also to high bone density and regulation of menopausal symptoms. In menopause, a woman experiences a drop in estrogen levels, causing a range of uncomfortable symptoms such as high cholesterol, weight gain, insomnia and the like. One of the most important horny goat weed benefits in women is Phytoestrogens can help increaseing estrogen levels through phytoestrogens, thereby reliving some of these symptoms without side effects akin to those that come with synthetic hormone replacement.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Horny goat weed is said to help women avoid bone loss and osteoporosis in post-menopause, another one of the many horny goat weed benefits. Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones have weakened and formed have formed in the bones themselves. According to research, about ten million Americans have osteoporosis, and 80% of this number is composed of women. This is due to the fact that females bones are thinner and smaller due to the decrease in their estrogen levels post-menopause. Osteoporosis makes them prone to broken bones and fractures, which, in turn, predispose them to infection and other medical complications as they grow older. But as one of the long list of horny goat weed benefits, this potential scenario can be controlled.

Anti-Inflammatory Attributes

Inflammation is the bodys natural way of preventing infection or any damage that an acute injury, such as a cut or wound, may cause. This type of inflammation takes a few days to go away, but continuing low-grade inflammation caused by environmental factors such as stress, pollution and poor diet, can lead to many serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Such a progression can be prevented as one of the many horny goat weed benefits. with the help of horny goat weed.