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How to Choose One Archetype Test to Take

A personality test is essential for all human beings to take.Personality tests are very many in the psychology world.Be advised that the Carl Jung personality test is the best option to choose.The Carl Jung personality test, or the archetype test, was developed by Carl Gustav Jung.

Carl, a Swiss psychiatrist, originated from the Jungian Psychology.According to him, models of behaviors, people, and personalities formed the archetypes.Furthermore, he was of the idea that archetypes were inborn habits that played a great role in influencing people’s behaviors.There is no specific person in the world that does not have an archetype in them.Take note that there is usually one archetype that is more dominant than others.The dominance depends on factors like cultural influences and personal experiences.

The human psyche is usually divided into the ego, the collective unconscious, and the personal unconscious.The ego usually is the conscious mind.Any memories are stored in the personal conscious.The Jungian Psychology believed that the collective unconscious comprises of patterns and images that are part of the archetypes.These archetypes are usually inherited from one generation to another.
It is these three elements that achieve the individuation process.Individuation, which is a common term in psychology, entails the attainment of self-actualization after the conscious and unconscious are integrated together.In this case, the ego, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious are integrated in a process called the individuation process to achieve self-actualization.

This further results into the twelve archetypes.The archetype tests are further divided into three, namely the ego, soul, and self types.The ego types comprises of the innocent, the orphan or regular guy or girl, the hero, and the caregiver.The soul division comprises of the explorer, the rebel, the lover, and the creator.If you take an archetype quiz and you fall under the self division, you are either a sage, magician, ruler, or jester.To fall under any of the three groups, you must have certain personality traits.Make sure you learn about your personality traits by answering the archetype quiz.Knowing your personality will help you know how you deal with people, make decisions, and process information.

Choosing one type of archetype test to take can be daunting.The longevity of an archetype is very important.It is essential that you look ahead, so choose an archetype that will last for years.Secondly, have an archetypes list that you will go through before you make up your mind on which archetype to pick.Instead of going through your entire archetypes list, you can also pick three archetypes, evaluate them, and later make your final decision.What you will be simply doing is finding the most suitable archetype.

Later, list all the traits that embody your chosen archetype.Lastly, it is important that you devise ways of using your archetype in your real life.

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